The Hoot-N-Nanny

We will pick up your pup during the day in our dog safe van and take them with other pups on an outings to a local off leash dog park. Your dog will get to stretch their legs, smell new scenes, breathe fresh air, explore the new surroundings and play with other pups in our pack! All this while also learning great dog social skills. $35


The Stay-N-Play

Nestled in the Central District neighborhood, you'll find Jake’s Small Dog’s Daycare: where we focus on small dogs 35lbs or less, 6 months and older. We know life can be busy with work, travel, errands, and family. We are here to help lessen your stress with a fun-filled environment for your small pup.
Our daycare allows your pup to experience other little pups with big hearts in the fun playroom, or just chill after a long game of chase in our little lounge area and get some fresh air in our private backyard. As a bonus, we will take a pack walk around the neighborhood which will deepen your pup’s relationships with other members of the pack and explore the area. Treats and love will be given throughout your pup’s stay with us, so let the fun begin!

Daycare Rates:

Single Day Drop in Visit:  $40 (4 hours or more)

Full Day 5 Visit Package:  $195 ($39 daily) plus 1 walk

Full Day 20 Visit Package:  $750 ($37.50 daily)  plus 1 walk

*30% second-dog discount

Half-Day Rates:

Single Half-Day Visit (up to 4 hours):   $30

Half-Day 5 Visit Package:  $145 ($29 daily) plus 1 walk

20 Half-Day Visit Package:  $550 ($27.50 daily) plus 1 walk

*30% second-dog discount

*Give us a call to ask about our limited introduction rate (206)538-0202

Dog Socialization 

The Meet-N-Greet

We will pick your pup up in the am in our dog safe van, and after a long day of personalized attention, playing, running, walking and learning dogie social skills, we'll return them in the late afternoon. We will take time out for lunch, so please pack a dogie bag! $45

Socialization classes coming soon!


The Sleep-N-Away

We know life can be very busy with work, school, family and so on. What do you do with your pup when you need a vacation, work trip, an emergency arises or just want a weekend to yourself? Not sure if friends and family are available to help. Well, let us help alleviate the stress of what to do with the pup. Depending on your pup, (s)he will spend the day at the dog park playing or at the small dog daycare where fun is had by all. The evening will consist of fun, walks, feedings, treat, rest and love. Let us take care of your pup so you can take care of you. $65 per day


The Wash-N-Blow

What’s that smell? OMG, it’s the pup and we don’t have time to wash out that smell. No worries, we can help! We will do a wash-n-blow, sorry no cuts or nails just your good old wash-n-blow dry . We use dry free organic products that will keep your pup smelling so fresh and so clean. $20